Part II.
Quest for a Global Economic Equilibrium: Modern Economic Statecraft

  • ‘The Politics of the Economic Crisis: Democracy and State Capitalism on Trial’
  • ‘The Alpha and Omega of Future Growth: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the New Economy’
  • ‘The Ownership Society: Transition to a Productive ‘Save and Invest’ Paradigm, in a Framework of Expanded Ownership of Productive Capital’
  • ‘Geo-economics of Strategic Cooperation: Regional Economic Blocs and The Struggle for the World Product’
  • ‘Broadening of the Geo-Economic Competition and Conflicts Base: Trade, Investment, Resources’
  • ‘Energy Security: The Interdependence of Not Poisoning the Well’
  • ‘Food and Water Security: Scarcity vs. Logistics’
  • ‘Global Governance in a Shifting Geo-Economic Equilibrium: Foreign Direct Investment, Trade Agreements and Treaties, State Aid, Financial Transfers, Sanctions, Blockades, Sabotage’
  • ‘The Power Projection Toward New Global Economic Security: Austerity and Mutable Strategies’
  • The New Global Magna Carta: The Socio-Political Channels Motivating the Generation and Accumulation of Wealth – Redistribution or Growth